SSLC(Senior-Secondary-School-Certification) Certificate attestation is the affirmation method that is used for the authenticity of the document that is issued for the certificate attestation for it. These attested certifications are needed for the documentation required for the documents including employment and the higher education for it. These verified documents and attested seals are required for attestation services in UAE. To get the best reliable attestation in UAE we prefer ASTUTE ATTESTATION for the best document in UAE. These certificate attestations are obtained for the signatures of the competent authorities and attested documents for the clients. These documents are authenticated for domestic purposes for the seal and authorities. The steps involved in SSLC Certificate attestation in UAE
1. Initial attestation of the SSLC Certificate would be done by the authority, which had issued it. The data held in the department would be examined to ascertain that the certificate is original and all the info, including date and place of birth, and marks, entered in it is correct. The signing authority in the education department would attest the document post necessary confirmation.

2. The SSLC certificate for attestation in UAE has to be then submitted to the Ministry of HRD (Human Resource Development) in India. The HRD ministry would then scrutinize it to the best of their knowledge prior to putting the seal and attestation.

3. Subsequent to HRD, the document has to be forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Note that all these procedures may appear daunting for you, as you are not aware of the exact process. Only an experienced executive can manage the process and follow it up meticulously, for completing the activities in a stipulated time.

4. The consulate or the embassy of the UAE is the final authority in the home country before forwarding it for SSLC certificate attestation in UAE. Once the sign and seal of the UAE consulate or embassy are done, the certificate would have to be forwarded to the MOFA in UAE.

5. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE is the final authority for SSLC certificate attestation in UAE. You are authorized to use the certificate after attestation by MOFA.

These certificate attestations are needed for the professional services for the certificate attestation services for its clients. These attested confirmed documents are needed to prove it authenticated for the affirmed documents on it. These attested certificates are needed for the attestation in UAE.
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