Exact ProWash Inc.
Exact ProWash Inc. has been operating since 2007, providing customers with a range of Exterior Cleaning services spanning power washing, pressure washing, roof cleaning, house washing, and gutter cleaning. Our services have been acclaimed for being reliable, reasonably priced, professional, and friendly. We strive to ensure that customer experiences involve attention to detail with their property safely and with quality. We continue to update our equipment with cutting-edge technology. We use chemicals strategically engineered for our organization. We ensure our employees continue to receive training in the best practices and evolved superior methods as we remain industry leaders. Exact ProWash Inc. continues to grow as a reputable organization throughout the Ohio area.

Service Details
Exact ProWash Inc. services continue to improve in quality as we expand our project portfolio and presence. We are a member of the Power Washers of North America organization. Our employees are required to complete a standard 500 hours of training across service areas as a provider prerequisite. We have a general liability coverage second-to-none. We offer our services round-the-clock with high expectations for professionalism across nighttime hours.

Exact ProWash Inc. employs a range of advanced techniques that help to make us competitive within the industry. Our power washing spray is approximately 100 times more potent than residential garden hoses. Our house washing sprays are less powerful to avoid material damage while still removing mildew, dirt stains, and even more resilient substances such as gum. We use a combination of low-pressure and effective cleaning agents to ensure no damage resulting from our services. Our window cleaning processes also involve a strategic combination of technology, combining water-fed poles with effective cleaning agents.

Exact ProWash Inc. has been praised for a range of aspects that help us to retain substantial industry leadership across our region. Specific acclaimed facets of our services include pricing, quality, friendliness of customer service, professionalism in emergency night services, timeliness, efficiency, attention to detail, quality of service, going above and beyond minimum requirements, and cleanliness. We have accrued a substantial amount of positive testimonials viewable on our website and across a range of other rating services available online. We have been commonly recommended for use or noted to be considered for further use as our portfolio of successful projects continues to grow.
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