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The home-buying company is willing to take on damaged and problematic properties as-is, no matter what issues at play. This gives homeowners the chance to close the deal and move in as little as 7 days.

Charlotte, NC / April 30, 2024

Travis Buys Homes is a real estate investment company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, that specializes in buying houses directly from homeowners for cash.

The company was founded by Travis Howard, an industry veteran with 20 years of experience in real estate. Operating since 1999, Travis Buys Homes has developed a method that focuses on speed and convenience for homeowners looking to sell their properties quickly. Allowing homeowners to close deals without having to deal with the usual complications of traditional real estate transactions.

The core service offered by Travis Buys Homes is purchasing houses in any condition. Homeowners do not need to worry about making repairs or improvements before selling. This is particularly appealing for those in situations where they cannot afford or do not wish to invest time and money into preparing a house for sale. Additionally, the company covers all closing costs and does not charge any fees or commissions.

Buying homes as-is allows Travis Buys Homes to help individuals facing various urgent or distressing circumstances, such as financial difficulties, divorce, inheritance issues, or the need to relocate quickly.

Selling to Travis Buys Homes involves three easy steps. They are:

1 - Initial Contact: Homeowners can get in contact with Travis Buys Homes by calling their office directly or filling out an online form available on their website. The form asks for basic information such as the homeowner's name, phone number, email, and the address of the property to be sold. This helps the company gather the necessary details to prepare for the next steps.

2 - Property Assessment: After initial contact, the company schedules a visit to the property. This allows them to assess the condition of the house and any factors that might affect its value.

3 -  Making an Offer: Based on the assessment, Travis Buys Homes prepares an all-cash offer for the property. This offer is designed to be fair, taking into account the market value of the property and its current condition. At this point, the homeowner has no obligation to accept the offer. If they choose to accept, they can also set a closing date that works best for their schedule.

The company can close the sale quickly, often within 7-10 days after the offer is accepted. This rapid closure is ideal for anyone looking to sell my house fast in Charlotte due to circumstances such as financial hardship, relocation, divorce, legal issues, or other urgent situations.

Throughout the entire process, Travis Buys Homes places a strong emphasis on open and transparent communication. The company prides itself on its integrity and commitment to fair dealing, aiming to provide a win-win solution for both the homeowner and themselves. They also work to offer a personal approach, ensuring that each client feels informed and respected throughout the sale process. 

Travis Buys Homes has positioned itself as an alternative to the traditional real estate market, providing a service that removes many of the hurdles homeowners face when selling their property. More information about the company — including customer reviews, testimonials, and details on the sale process — can be found on their official website.


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