Travis Buys Homes is a Charlotte-based company that specializes in purchasing homes directly from homeowners for cash, simplifying the traditional home selling process. Working with the company, homeowners can sell their houses as-is in as little as 7 days.

Operating since 1999, this family-owned business offers a hassle-free solution for individuals looking to sell their properties quickly, regardless of the condition of the house. Travis Buys Homes covers all closing costs and does not charge any fees or commissions, making for a process that is much easier and quicker than working with a real estate agent or listing the property as FSBO.

Selling to Travis Buys Homes involves three main steps: (1) contacting the company, (2) having them assess the house, and (3) setting a closing date that suits the seller’s timeline. They can provide a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours of receiving information about the home and can close the sale in as little as 7-10 days if necessary.

This service is particularly appealing for those facing urgent situations such as foreclosure, divorce, or the need to liquidate assets quickly. Travis Buys Homes prides itself on its integrity and commitment to providing a stress-free selling experience, making it a favored choice among homeowners looking to sell my house fast in Charlotte.


- Fair Cash Offers: This service provides homeowners with a quick evaluation of their property's worth, giving them an all-cash offer typically within 24 hours. This is particularly beneficial for those looking to better understand the value of their property in a quick and easy way.

- Cash Home Buying: Homeowners can sell their properties directly to Travis Buys Homes, regardless of the condition. This service eliminates the need for repairs, staging, or dealing with potential buyer financing issues, offering a straightforward, as-is purchase. This is ideal for sellers looking for a fast and uncomplicated sale.
The home-buying company is willing to take on damaged and problematic properties as-is, no matter what issues at play. This gives homeowners the chance to close...
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